Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sculpting in Maine, Waiting for Spring

Peasley Pottery is just a buzz with new pieces and new opportunities!  The studio is cramped with pots and sculptures at various stages of progress or waiting to be fired.  Every day there is something new.  (It won't be cramped next year....the expansion is taking place this summer with a new addition.  I will be offering classes/workshops as soon as it is complete...I will keep you posted!)

One exciting bit of news, I have been accepted into Art Collector Maine and they will be representing my sculptural pieces locally, nationally and in a variety of publications.  Two of which are Maine Home & Design and Maine.  If you have never seen these magazines, check them out, they are spectacular and full of fascinating information and guides about Maine.  And, of course, art!

Here are a few of the sculptural pieces I've been working on and will be adding to Art Collector Maine upon completion within the next few weeks.

The Raven's have undergone a drastic change since this photo.  I will leave you hanging there until I publish the completed piece.  It has been one of the most time consuming pieces to carve, but so worth it.

More North Atlantic Right Whales!  Doesn't this look like whales swam into Van Gogh's painting 'Starry Night' and mixed it up?  It was not my intent, but that is all I can see when I look at it!  It should leave a cool effect once glazed and fired.
It's officially Spring....(just wish Mother Nature would realize that)...Spring equals Brook Trout and flowers.  No one in Maine really believes we'll have a Spring this year...we are still freezing, more snow fell out of the sky today and we're being told another big storm is on the way!  So, in the studio I decided to create my own Spring....
This piece is unique and an experiment for me.  It is a thrown brown stoneware vase, then I covered it in a thick layer of white stoneware, and applied over that the sculpted Iris and outcropping of leaves.  Once those were set, I began carving around the vase exposing the brown clay underneath.  I'm still in the studio carving this piece, it has a way to go before it is ready for the drying rack, but so far, I am very happy with the results.

I'm also getting ready for the show season this Spring/Summer and have put up a partial list on my website.  For those interested in finding out where Peasley Pottery will be this season, click on this link to my website....  PeasleyPottery.com

Here are some of the new pieces that I'll be showing off this season....

And there will be more new items in the weeks to follow....lobster, moose, planes, whales, and more!

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