Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedding Pottery on the Drying Rack

Weddings, weddings, weddings....my mind is focused on wedding pottery.   I'm trying to get a good selection in the inventory for an upcoming wedding show in March.  It's such an exciting time and a special moment in time for each couple.  It will be interesting to hear about all the different types and styles of weddings people are planning! I have never been to a wedding show, so this will be a unique experience for me.

Here are some of the wedding pieces on the drying rack.   All pieces will be custom made for each wedding party based on their theme, flower arrangement or interest. Each piece is created to bring back fond memories of their special day!  

These pieces also make great anytime gifts.  I'm hoping my mother wants a luminary for Mother's Day....because that is what she is receiving! I know she will cherish it forever and enjoy it throughout the year. It's a perfect gift for her!  I can't wait for a quite summer evening, to be sitting outside with my coffee or wine, by the soft glow of the luminaries...yes, I plan on a couple!  They are so peaceful, yet magical, like lightening bugs in the field. 

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