Monday, March 11, 2013

Brook Trout Love - Part I

Here is the Brook Trout vase I am working on.......

 (Female Brook Trout)

 (Male Brook Trout)

Tomorrow I hope to finish the background work which I started today (not photographed).  This piece has been a real challenge, especially with applying the underglazes, blending them and trying to get the correct coloration.   I am hoping to get the background complete tomorrow, then the lear glaze applied prior to firing later in the week.  As you've heard me say before, there are so many variables with glazes and firing, sometimes what goes in a kiln is not what comes out.  Expect the unexpected, but hope for the best!  Most often, it is fine, but there is always that anxiety of the unknown.  We'll see what comes out towards the end of the week.....stay tuned....and have a wonderful week!

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