Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool's Day!!!  I was surprised I made it through the day without incident...nothing...no practical jokes...no attempts made by anyone, not even me!  It was an ordinary day of early morning coffee with friends & family, then off to the pottery studio.

The other day I threw these two large pots with shelves for lids.  Today, I dropped the taller one making it unusable as a lidded container, much less a round container.  It flattened one side in the fall from my hands to the counter top, a free fall of only six inches.  Far enough to change the course of the pot.  Now it is something far better than what I had in mind originally.  

A red fox carving is what transpired out of the fallen pot.  Here it is in the carving stage and doesn't look all that interesting, but once it has been underglaze painted and glaze fired, it will look more realistic and beautiful!  I can't wait to see the final product...I say that on every piece I make, I know, but it is so exciting to have an image in your head brought to life!

This past week was interesting, exciting, difficult, miserable and wonderful all at the same time!  I had to take an unexpected trip to Massachusetts to visit family.  I was featured on Facebook by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development's project Maine Made and approved into the program.  Now, my pots proudly wear the tag "Maine Made: America's Best."  I visited one of the two galleries that will be representing Peasley Pottery this year and it is absolutely full of the most exquisite wildlife art!  The Northport Landing Gallery in, none other, Northport, Maine. Love it there!  I took orders from a few new shops, received more orders from first time customers, which is always fun.   Gass Horse Supply located in Orono, Maine exclusively sells my equestrian pottery in the area and were so generous in giving Peasley Pottery a mention in their radio ad! And to top off my week....I was blessed to have my mother, daughter, and grandson with me for Easter dinner!  And, it was sunny outside!  I hope you all had a blessed Easter and a wonderful week too!


  1. Peasley Pottery looks like it's well on its way to fame and fortune.

    Love the fact that you save the fallen pot and it's even better now that it's have a misfortune and been given a 2nd chance.

  2. I should have my little grandson go into the shop and reshape pots before I touch them...they always come out better when something unexpected happens to change their form! I couldn't have imagined this pot! :)

  3. That pot is stunning! I'm so impressed that you were able to not only salvage it but turn it into something incredible! A good lesson for us all... :)