Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!


I haven't blogged in a few weeks....it has been crazy busy getting orders ready for galleries and shops for the summer season.  Below are a few photo's of pots in different stages in the studio.  

I was so sad to see this piece come out of the kiln with a crack!!  It is the largest vessel and has three trout on it.  This was "the show piece" of the season...now, it is not.  It has a very thin crack, but a crack nevertheless, in the base.  A crack is unacceptable and the piece has now gone onto the reinvention table.  I'm thinking of drilling out the bottom, mounting it to a stone or wood base and making a fabulous lamp out of it.   I'm even thinking of doing a stained glass lampshade....or better yet, see if my stained glass artist friend, Lynn, will take on the project???  Poor Lynn is reading this right now in horror! There is literally no one on earth with a plate more full than her. 

I am still so upset over the crack, I didn't photograph it again after the bisque firing.  I won't photograph it until one day it becomes something fabulous.  I spent more time carving this pot than any other to date....and it cracked!  

Moving on.....
 I really like this piece and plan to do many more in a variety of color and lack of color...it is very tactile due to the depth of the crevices.  This piece is waiting for a clear glaze firing.
I'm still working at painting glaze onto this pot.  Atlantic Salmon.  

I think this piece will be spectacular if the glaze remains true after the firing.  It feels so realistic and has great movement.  

Ravens on a decorative jug....I have no idea why, or what it will end up looking like, but I think it is pretty interesting and can't wait to see the final results!

My East Coast Collection consists of Lobster Buoy Hummingbird Feeders to Blue Crab mugs (which are popular from Maryland to Maine due to their whimsical nature)......
Blue Crab Mug
Lobster Buoy Hummingbird Feeder (a Peasley Pottery original)....and yes, custom orders for buoy colors are available. And the same holds true for any of the lobster buoy products.

Sea Salt Buoy (Peasley Pottery original)
Puffin Mug
Breakwater Berry Bowl
Native Fish
Lupine Fields

That is just a taste of what has been happening in the pottery studio.  I hope to be back here next Sunday with a horse tale or two!  Have a Happy Mother's Day and blessed week! 

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