Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Maine Lobster Buoy Pottery

Maine Lobster Buoy Pottery is here!!!  The one, the only, the original designs of Peasley Pottery...time to haul some pots and eat lobster...or feed hummingbirds and salt your water for boiling those crustaceans!
Maine Lobster Buoy Hummingbird Feeder
Maine Sea Salt Buoys
The Maine Lobster Buoy Hummingbird Feeder's and Maine Sea Salt Buoy's are both available in custom colors to match any lobster fishermen's buoy color or home decor.  The Maine Sea Salt Buoy's are my spin off of the salt pig.  I wanted a salt pig in my kitchen, but to be honest, the name isn't that appealing to me and I didn't find one that fit my Downeast Maine roots.  My family originates from the coastal town of Jonesport, Maine...there's even a Peasley Corner!  My ancestor's were sea captains, fishermen and ole salts, and I am a former lobsterwoman, so I wanted something that brought my fond memories of the sea into my home.  When I think of salt, I think of the sea.... and lobster buoys!  And lobster!!  Everything is better with lobster on it!  Keep the pig, salt the buoy!  And there you have the birth of the Maine Sea Salt Buoy.

The Maine Lobster Buoy Hummingbird Feeder, once again, was born out of my love of the sea ...and feeding hummingbirds.  It's only natural in Downeast Maine to have a buoy hanging off the shed roof...so it is wicked awesome that it also feeds the hummingbirds! 

Another sea worthy pot....Gulf of Maine Whale's - sculpture/luminary...now you can go whale watching, day or night, without leaving home.....

North Atlantic Right Whale
Finback Whale
Humpback Whale

I may have to post another entry or two this month to show you all more pots and to let you know what is happening at Peasley Pottery.  Hopefully, it will make up for the two month gap of silence....who else is asking "why the silence" besides me?  Louise is...and I thank her for it! My mud buddy Lynn passed on that wake up call and thank God, because otherwise, we may have gone into a third month..maybe even a fourth...   I think I was in the midst of potter's fog and it was as thick as pea soup! That's my excuse.... :)  


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