Sunday, August 25, 2013

End of Summer Blues

Where did the summer go?  The last thing I remember, it was June and I was looking forward to the rain stopping long enough for us to enjoy summer...I was waiting...and waiting.....then, the next thing I know, the wait is over!  It's the end of August, the sun has been shining for a week straight. Only one problem, it feels like Fall.  The pool is ice cold.  The vegetable garden looks like it has gone through a frost and is dying back far too early.  This was the summer that never happened. We had winter, mud season and now Fall.  

With Fall comes the International Seaplane Fly-In www.seaplanefly-in.org  at Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Me.   This year, Peasley Pottery will be there on Saturday and Sunday, September 7th and 8th.  I am VERY excited about it!  I am going up early so I can have a day to.....DO NOTHING!!!! Yes, nothing.  I will be sitting lakeside with a good book, glass of wine and there is a great possibility that I will be too exhausted to even do that.  I may just nap in a hammock all day!  I am having a day of low ambition and pure laziness....and I can't wait!

And here is why I can not wait to get a day of nothing....

This is the latest Brook Trout carving.  

And then there were yarn bowls, and more yarn bowls, until I could take it no more....

....and soap dishes.  To form the soap dish, I put it in a pvc pipe cut in half. It worked out very well.  After the clay set up, I decorated each one and attached feet. My friend, Terry Bryant of Sugarbush Country Farm in Troy, Me., will be at the fly-in selling her heavenly goats milk soaps displayed on these soap dishes which will also be for sale!  What a great combo!! (You should smell her soaps....even men comment on how wonderful they smell.  They are not over powering floral madness, they are in a league of their own, long lasting and wonderful!!! She has a new soap called Maine Woods....my favorite! check out the other scents at website http://www.sugarbushcountryfarm.com/soap-descriptions.html ) 
 Below are round wheel thrown soap dishes

 Berry Bowls and Yarn Bowls
 Mugs, Jugs and Misc.

 And more Maine Lobster Buoy Hummingbird Feeders are being made as well.

There are also dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls of all sizes, garlic grater/olive oil dipping plates, garlic keepers, mugs of all sizes and many, many more pieces in need of glazing and firing.  It will be a busy few weeks preparing for this show.  I will post more photo's of pottery fresh out of the kiln, glazed and finish products before leaving for Greenville.  (I will do it, the Double L's are doubting me, but I will post those photo's before Sept 7th!)

And last, but not least.....I had two Monarch butterflies last week. In the photo below, you will see on the right two Monarch's....one is directly behind the other.  I don't know what the butterfly on the left is, but they are here all summer.
It was also a very sad few weeks around the farm.  Button's Bunny went missing about three weeks ago, then Honey Bunny disappeared early last week.  All that was left was Funny Bunny in the back pasture....a very antisocial bunny and not so funny, hence all the sadness.  I love waking up and having coffee with Button's Bunny...so peaceful.  I've missed it.  Then, this morning I was having coffee with a human...all the animals were apparently busy.... and out of the corner of my eye I saw a furry flash.  It was a little baby bunny hopping as fast as possible across the lawn!  And not too far away was Buttons!  Apparently Button's was on maternity leave.   Bunnies make the world a happier place...and wine...chocolate...definitely lobster and Houlton Farm butter.... :)

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