Saturday, October 5, 2013

Seaplanes, Tea Time and the Right Whale

If this year is any indication as to what next year will bring...I need to expand my studio as soon as possible.  What a blessed and busy season. 

At the beginning of September, I started attending the Bucksport Bay Farmer's Market.  What a  sweet little market.  I am enjoying it immensely.  I have two dear friends who are vendors also.  It is becoming my tea and friendship time!  One of the ladies brings hot water and the most Delightful (that's the name) tea. Sipping hot tea with friends on a brisk Fall market day....priceless. 

Also in September we attended the International Seaplane Fly-In on Moosehead Lake in Greenville.  I love the games they play, especially the seaplane bomb drop of a grapefruit and the bush pilot canoe race.  Unfortunately, from my booth I could see....none of that! I did get to enjoy the sound effects of the event as I sold pottery. 

Here is a sampling of pottery I took with me.  The seaplane mugs sold out immediately, no surprise there.  Then, so did the moose mugs.  Next year, I will be sure to take a lot more of both.
 My daughter and grandson were a great help selling and entertaining.  My grandson is 5 years old and quite the entrepreneur! He borrowed another vendors dog and opened his own business.  He asked...no, told...everyone he met, "You can have a picture of me and this dog for $2."   Tilley the dog was a real sport!  He didn't get anyone to buy, but had a wonderful time trying!! 

Before I left for Greenville, I received a call from a man who is organizing a fundraiser for the research and conservation of the North Atlantic Right Whale.  I will give more details later, but he was seeking centerpieces for the event which will be sold/auctioned off that evening.  The photo's below are of a few of the pieces I am making.  These whale pieces are all hand carved and will be completely individual in every way.  Each whale pot has an ID#/name carved into the bottom and represents a particular whale that has or is being studied.  Each whale is unique with scars, marks and other distinctive features.  Some whales are carrying long lines from fishing gear and that gear will also be depicted in the piece for an accurate portrayal of the whale.  I am so excited about this project!  

Many, many moons ago I worked for a marine mammal research organization and met a women who is part of the small group of research scientists who study these whales.  She introduced me to the North Atlantic Right Whale and I have loved them ever since.  I always wanted to participate in a fundraiser that would benefit these lovely animals, and now, I have that opportunity.  I will keep you posted with more details, but for now, here are a few photo's of the whale pots.....
As you can see in the bottom photo, the whale is entangled in line.  This is sadly a reality.

I will post more photo's as they are completed.

I also have a few more whale pieces to share.  I decided to try out the dark chocolate colored clay.  This clay turns a rich black/brown once fired.  It should be interesting to see the results of these.

And then there's Annikens....my favorite break from a hard day of "potterizing".....taking photo's around the farm.
THIS was not my intended subject to photograph, but Annikens ultimately made the decision by sticking her nose where it didn't belong....as always!

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