Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blisters, Moose Tracks and Norwegian Fjord Horses

It has been busy in the pottery shed, filling orders, throwing, firing, glazing and taking breaks with the girls (horses), a must...just ask them, a girl needs her carrots!

This morning I unloaded the kiln which held several new style pots.  I glazed them in some new glazes to the studio and some old staple glazes.  May I add, all glazes are tested prior to meeting a thrown pot.  Much to my dismay, the pots I glazed with Spectrum Satin Turquoise blistered.  Totally covered in little blisters!  They all had to be thrown away....I watched many hours of work go in the can!  The other pots, as the mug above, came out fine.  I actually really like the mug above, the tracks came through the Spectrum Textured Autumn glaze beautifully.  It is rimmed in Laguna Colonial White which is a staple around here.  It is a great glaze, on Laguna White Stoneware #65 it comes through a silky, gloss white.  On Laguna Brown Stoneware #60 it allows the speckles to break through, very rustic and a nice look.  I use it a lot because it works so well with so many different glaze combinations.  The Spectrum products I just began testing and I must say the Textured Autumn will be one of my top glazes in the future.  I really like how it breaks a foggy blue with the brown under tones and captures any imprinting of the pot.

Here is a photo of the girls in the pasture that give me wonderful breaks, a relief from any stress in the studio.   Anniken's in the foreground and her mother, Beylah, bringing up the rear.  Anni is not quite 2 years old and full of mischief and Beylah is 10 years old, very gentle and loving animals.

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