Thursday, December 20, 2012

Peasley Pottery vs. Mayan Clock

Hopefully the Mayan's are wrong about the end time, because my Christmas shopping is done and I'd hate to think I spent my last days in stores surrounded by strangers and shopping when I could have been home playing with my grandson and horses!...not to mention the Chinchilla who originates south of the Mayans.

Anyhow, if you are reading this you either have nothing better to do in your last hours (and I'll try to make your last hours entertaining) or the Mayan's calendar of hieroglyphs wasn't exactly interpreted correctly and we are back to the surprise end of times.  Either way, I apparently have nothing better to do with my last hours than to blog on a site that has no followers!  Come on people, start clicking on the FOLLOW button, we only have a few precious hours!!

I am so confident that the Mayan calendar was interpreted incorrectly, that I put a load of green ware into the kiln tonight.  I guess one way or another it will be done tomorrow.  In it are Christmas gifts that need to be glazed and back in the kiln by Saturday evening if they want to see the bottom of a Christmas tree on the 24th.  I wish Santa did pick up and delivery, it sure would be more cost effective for my business than the postal service or purchasing fuel for my van.  Reindeer....grain/hay.  Free Elfin Labor = free product.  His only expense is feeding the reindeer....and I'm sure he gets the hay cheap, if not free and the grain.  He gets millions of cookies and gallon upon gallon of milk on Christmas Eve....and countless carrots for the reindeer!  Think about how much food and milk he can hoard away in that one night?  It's kind of like how America has become...Santa is the government....take take take, pay nothing and give away presents to those who don't have jobs!

Okay, back to the pottery.....
Here are a few of the recent listings at the Peasley Pottery shop on Etsy.com

The Horse Shoe Pitcher is approximately 8 1/2 " H x 5" W and holds one and a half quarts (6 cups).  It is glazed in a beautiful Antique Copper which accentuates the hand carved horseshoes that surround the base of the pitcher.

The Standing Horse Mug .  The mug holds 10 ounces and is white stoneware with red and blue glaze.  The other pieces pictured are available upon request or at a later date will be listed.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and safe holiday travels!!!!  See you after Christmas (or on the other side, whichever comes first) and bring your friends and family to FOLLOW along...hint hint.  God Bless and Good night!!

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