Sunday, December 9, 2012

Photo of the Accidental Chinchilla....

  She hasn't been named yet, we are hoping to have one soon. This photo was taken of her just moments after moving in, she was still being shy and nervous.  After a few hours and still early in the evening, she settled in to her new home...she even met the other animals and played outside her cage for awhile.  The chinchilla makes little cooing/purring noises and I was told she wouldn't be any louder....I was told wrong!   She apparently got over her shyness, because she started screeching at me...I was less than 10 feet from her cage.  When I opened the cage she ran circles around an apple tree branch that was set up for her to play with.  She made it clear that she was upset with having that branch in her home!  I removed the branch and she instantly settled down.  No more screeching until 3 a.m. when she wanted to get out and play.  Chinchilla's are nocturnal from what I've read and enjoy the night life!  She didn't find anyone willing to join her, so within a few minutes settled back down for the remainder of the night.

Now that everyone is up, she is napping.    

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