Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Orders & Etsy Listings & Nocturnal Rodents

The past two days have been spent throwing last minute Christmas gifts, not mine...I haven't even started shopping yet!!  No, this is for those organized shoppers, those early birds who during their organization forgot to place their orders prior to the end of November.  So why didn't I turn them away?  I could have responded, "no pots for YOU!"   Instead I respond, "it's kind of late, but I will see if I can get these done before Christmas."  See if I can?? What an over achieving jelly fish!!!  How about cleaning your house and starting your own Christmas shopping???  But no, I take on a custom order of a pot I have only thought about NEVER doing, because I don't like the style of it.  So, not only do I take on the custom pot, I redesign the pot from the normal version, of course, and WHY??..because the person who is on the receiving end is a wonderful person.  Now with Christmas  less than two weeks away....crazy short time to construct a custom order with monogram and flowers on the pot which I have never attempted to throw.  Realistically, the only way this pot will arrive on time is if every detail goes off without a hitch, no room for even a little hitch...no hitch, no hiccup nor bump in the road...smooth sailing only!  I'd post a photo, but that would give it away.  You'll just have to wait until December 26th!

So, on to our next story.....

Latest Etsy Shop listings....

I call these mugs "The Chase"....I should have named them "Run Bunny Run!!"

Double-handle Beer Mug or Large Coffee/Cocoa Mug...whatever your poison, this mug can take the job and deliver!

Time to go, Isabella the Chinjella is up and wanting to play....sorry Isabella, this old lady is headed for the bunk!

Good Night!

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