Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012....and take the cold with you!

What a brutally cold day it is.  I knew this day would come, but I was enjoying the denial and mild winter temperatures.  I sure could use some global warming right now.

So what are you doing to honor yourself this year?  Isn't that what a new year's resolution really is?  How you will honor yourself, your body or family?  I like new year's resolutions, I just hate being unable to keep them due to chocolate.

Speaking of an honor, have any of you other potters ever had the request to create an urn for someone?  In the past two weeks, I've had three requests.  I feel this is one of life's ultimate honors as a potter.  It is the final thing you can do for a families loved one.  Now you'd think these families knew each other and one referred the other, but no, they don't know each other, nor do they live geographically close to one another.  I certainly don't advertise urns.  In fact, I had never considered creating urns.  After about two minutes of thought, I accepted the initial request as well as the subsequent requests.  I just feel it is a honor and God's blessing that I be asked and able to do it.

Today, I worked in the studio carving on some custom orders.  It is my favorite thing to do. I also spent some time catching up with other bloggers, websites and Facebook time.  On one of the group sites that I try to get to daily, but frequently am unable to get to on a daily basis is about pottery.  Today, I was able to get to the Facebook page and saw a post stating that the Wellington Potters Supplies is creating a Wall of Fame out of tiles with potter's hands from across the globe!  They were requesting potter's submit an impression of their hand in clay to be included on the wall.  What an awesome idea and project!  A huge undertaking, but one that will be absolutely spectacular when complete.  Yes, I offered up my hand!!  I can't wait to complete the tile and get it in the mail to NZ.   The best part of the day was creating a new friend, Kate, via Facebook.  As Kate and I discussed, if it weren't for Facebook technology how could one potter from rural Maine meet another potter from New Zealand?  It is times like today that I love computer technology.  It opens doors you'd never have.  I really think it is amazing that you can wake up one morning to a typical routine and by afternoon have your business being promoted on the other side of the world!!!  And all because you just happened to read a post on another Facebook page purely by chance. You just never know how life will change from second to second when you are literally connected to the world at your finger tips!  This project is going to be so much fun, I can't wait to see the final product.  What a great way to end the last day of the year!

Tomorrow I'll be back in the studio and I hope to bring you some photo's of what is happening there.  I plan to do some experimenting with glazes over the next couple months. I feel like a fish out of water and a mad scientist, I have never created my own glazes, but I'm just not happy with the commercial glazes  I just feel the need to develop my own color formulas specific to my studio.  This should be interesting and make for some spectacular test tiles!!

Have a wonderful and warm New Year's Eve and a blessed New Year!  ~~~~~~~~~ 2013

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